Catrine Shroff

Catrine is a researcher affiliated with the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University. Her main research interests are centred on the role of religious organisations in development processes. Based on ethnographic work in south-east Uganda (1998-2010), Catrine wrote the thesis ‘Development by Church, Development of Church: Institutional Trajectories in Rural Uganda’.

In the TrustLand project, Catrine will look into conflicts over church land in Lira District, especially disputes over the ownership of schools. The research will focus on the evidence that the churches use in order to prove ownership and the governance practices of local government, the schools, and the churches to resolve the disputes.

Catrine lives in Kenya from where she works as a consultant on issues related to health, youth, gender, agribusiness, civil society, and the private sector in Africa.

Selected publications

N Beckman, A Gusman, and C Shroff (eds.), (forthcoming, 2014). Strings Attached: AIDS and the Rise of Transnational Connections in Africa, Oxford University Press: Oxford.

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