Christian B. N. Gade

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Christian’s research interests centre on conflict management and on African philosophy. His research has focussed on issues such as ubuntu, restorative justice, trust and security. At the moment he is writing on two books: “Ethno-Group Philosophy – Ubuntu and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Process” (contract with Lexington) and “Straf” [eng. Punishment] (contract with Aarhus University Press).

In addition to being an Assistant Professor of Human Security, Christian is a victim-offender mediator for the Danish National Police and a teacher for the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution. He has made courses and workshops on practical conflict management for, among others, the Danish Military’s Conduct After Capture (CAC) unit, the Danish National Police and Victim Support Denmark.

Selected publications:

Gade, Willerslev and Meinert 2015. “Half-Trust and Enmity in Northern Uganda”, Common Knowledge.

Gade 2013. “Restorative Justice and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Process”, South African Journal of Philosophy 32(1), 10-35.

Gade 2012. “What is Ubuntu? Different Interpretations among South African of African Descent”, South African Journal of Philosophy 31(3), 484-503.

Gade 2011. “The Historical Development of the Written Discourses on Ubuntu”, South African Journal of Philosophy 30(3), 303-329.