John JaraMogi Oloya



John J Oloya (JJ) is a change management expert, recognized by colleagues and clients as an authority in fragility and poverty reduction: providing leadership in policies and programme developments, and complex governing strategies in the food security, safety nets and rural poverty reduction.  He has broadened his interests in academic research focusing on governance, culture and society especially in fragile and post conflict situations.

JJ is a Post Doctorate fellow with the Aarhus University, Denmark, under TrustLand Project and a founder of COREDA, a private researcher agency working in Uganda and South Sudan. He holds a PhD from Bradford University, UK.

In the TrustLand project, JJ is examining the Acholi words that are used in land governance their changing perceptions and meanings in explaining governance – ownership and administration over the last 50 years.


Selected publications:

  1. John J. Oloya and Michael Whyte. Ngom wa en lobo wa: In exploring the meaning of customary land tenure among the Acholi of Uganda.
  2. John J Oloya (2016), Re-stating the Position of Acholi’s Women in the Customary Land System in Northern Uganda
  3. John J Oloya (2015), How Did Community Governance Dovetail with Violence in Acholiland? PhD Thesis, Bradford University, UK, 2015
  4. John J Oloya and Sandra J Ayo (2000). Prevention of Violent Conflict and the Coherence of EU Policies Towards the Horn of Africa: Case Study on the 1992-1995 Post-Conflict Demobilisation and Reintegration Programme in Uganda. Safeworld, October 1, 2000
  5. John J Oloya (1991). Discrimination Among Borrowers According to Repayment Performance in the Ranch Rehabilitation Project in Uganda. ISBN 0858349795