Stephen Langole

Stephen Langole, (MA Peace Education), (MA Women Studies) is a Lecturer in the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies of Gulu University and holds an additional assignment as the Principal Investigator of the TrustLand Project of the University. Stephen is winding up his PhD Project in Peace and Conflict Studies carried out with the support of Danida Enhancement of Research Capacities (ENRECA) Project. The key theme of the ENRECA PhD project has been human security in post-conflict setting and under this, Stephen’s project focused on how the female and male youth network their livelihoods resources through intergenerational relationships.

Stephen’s other interests have been gender justice, kinship and customary land ownership, culture and learning, and more broadly, peace education. Under the TrustLand Project, Stephen has been focusing on the challenges of securitization of land under customary ownership, with often multiple claimants, and how this particularly affects kinship relationships.

Stephen’s latest research interest has been on human-wildlife conflict on the one hand and the community-Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) conflict on the other hand, and how the issues differ in three sub-counties of Nwoya District, Northern Uganda.

Publications: Journals

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Publications: Book Chapters

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