Marianne Mosebo

Marianne Bach Mosebo. picture

Marianne recently defended her PhD in anthropology from Copenhagen University, while being employed at Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) on livelihood strategies amongst young men in Moroto Town, Karamoja. The livelihood strategies functioned as a lens to illuminate urban – rural relations in Karamoja and Karimojong relations with the state – specifically regarding security and development policies and interventions. Marianne has carried out fieldwork in Karamoja since 2007. Marianne’s current post doc research focuses on issues and communications of land, property and values that have arisen from a gold discovery just outside Moroto Town between various local, national and international mining stakeholders. The focus is on the role of locals who take on the position as mediators between the various actors. DIIS co-finances the project.

Previous to initiation of the PhD, Marianne worked at the Danish National Police College as an academic employee as part of team developing the reformed police education and teacher of sociology and conflict handling methods. Part of her position was writing the book: “Conflict handling for Police” (Konflikthåndtering for Politifolk). Marianne also interned at Center for Conflict Resolution in Kampala.

Selected Publications:

2015. (submitted) The Value of Cattle and Minerals – Meantime and pending futures in Karamoja, Uganda.  Article submitted for review at Journal of Extractive Industry and Society.

2015. Cattle and Minerals – Spacetime Ambivalence in Marble Mining, Karamoja, Uganda. Paper presented at Contested Property Claims conference, Aarhus Dec 2015

2015. Karamoja: Shaping the state from the margins. Panel convenor at African Studies Association annual meeting, Nov 2015.

2015:  Rethinking the Predatory Elite in mining processes in Karamoja, Uganda. Paper presented at African Studies Association annual meeting, Nov 2015.

2015: Enhancing Well-Being. Urban Karimojong Youth between Security and Development in Uganda. PhD Thesis. Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen and Danish Institute for International Studies

2015 (in press): Clashes of Well-Being. A paper on the strangeness of a poverty reduction programme, DIIS Working Paper

2015: Towards sustainable futures for pastoral peoples. Security and Development: The case of Karamoja, Uganda. DIIS policy brief

2012: Konflikthåndtering for Politifolk. Forlaget Samfundslitteratur