Christina Jerne



Project title:
Alcohol- Providing and Demeaning Economic Security in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda

Profile text:
Christina is a PhD student at Aarhus University. She has a background in Political Sciences and International Relations from the University of Pisa, where she wrote her thesis on HIV antiretroviral drugs and patent legislation. In fact, her interest lies within health policies and their socio-economic implications.

She will be working with home-brewing and the role alcohol plays in guaranteeing and demeaning economic security of Ugandans who make an estimated 60% of their income from illicit alcohol production. In fact, alcohol has makes up an important 10% of state revenue.

Her work will link up to the TrustLand project, as it will look into the relation between property, land, money, and alcohol production- and consumption in Northern Uganda. She will also be investigating  the social and recreational aspects of drinking, and the role it plays in the lives of IDPs and in the post-conflict scenario.