Lotte Meinert

Lotte Meinert

Lotte Meinert is a Professor of Anthropology at the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, Denmark.

She has carried out long-term fieldwork in Uganda since 1993. Her main fields of research are medical anthropology, education and human security.

Lotte has been managing the research capacity project (ENRECA GU) Changing Human Security: Recovery after war in Northern Uganda (2008-2013)

And is co-manager of Center for Cultural Epidemics (EPICENTER).

In the TRUSTLAND project Lotte is carrying out fieldwork in Kaabong district among the Ik people and is exploring issues regarding the use of land, the role of graves in relation to land, issues of conflict and relations of trust and mistrust with neighboring people and officials, as well as issues related to forest reserves and national parks.

Selected publications

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