Susan Reynolds Whyte


Susan Reynolds Whyte is a professor in the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen. She has carried out fieldwork in Kenya, Tanzania, and mostly in Uganda where she began working in 1969. Her interests are in the ways that families and societies try to secure well-being. This includes problems such as the management of misfortune and uncertainty, disability, the uses of medicines, health care institutions, and surviving AIDS. It involves changing relations of gender and generation, and attempts to find new social forms in the aftermath of war.

Within the Trustland Project, she is studying the use of statutory organs (Local Councils, Magistrates Courts, Area Land Committees, and District Land Boards) in attempts to resolve land disputes. She is interested in land issues within small urban centres that had hosted IDP camps. She focuses on the evidence and arguments that carry weight, and in the extent to which decisions are implemented.

Selected publications:
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