TrustLand Policy Briefs

Please find the 6 TrustLand Policy briefs prepared by TrustLand members and presented at a dissemination workshop in Gulu in December 2017 via the links below.

Policy brief 1POLICY BRIEF1: Legal Pluralism in Land Dispute Management by Irene Anying and Ben Otto Adol.
Policy brief 2POLICY BRIEF2: Women and Land in Acholi Sub-region: Safeguarding Rights, Promoting Access by Julaina Obika
Policy Brief 3POLICY BRIEF3: Youth, Livelihoods and Access to Land by Esther Acio and Susan Reynolds Whyte
Policy Brief 4Policy Brief 4: Institutional Land Conflicts by Susan Reynolds Whyte and Catrine Shroff
Policy Brief 5Policy Brief 5: Conflict over Protected Areas for Wildlife Conservation in Northern Uganda by Lioba Lenhart
Policy Brief 6POLICY BRIEF6: Land and Trust issues in Ik County by Lotte Meinert


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