African Studies Review Forum on Land Disputes and Displacement in Post-Conflict Africa

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See the progress with our African Studies Review Forum on Land Disputes and Displacement in Post-Conflict Africa. The Cambridge University Press blog website has posted a short introductory article about that issue that can be seen here:



Contested Property Claims will set focus on the ideas, practices, and institutions of property that contribute to shaping human relationships in societies around the world. Behind all property regimes lie histories of appropriation and expropriation, and from within they are constantly challenged by those who point to the social injustices that they can produce. We can call these attempts to interrupt the dominant system of contracts and exchanges ‘contested property claims’. They are points of friction where economic, political, and ethical issues around property are brought to light, and they illustrate how disagreements over property force social actors to reason about the institution of property as such.

We invite scholars from all fields to submit paper proposals on the ways property is performed and contested.

Read more on the conference website.

To propose a paper please send an abstract of (max.) 300 words to Please use this address for any inquiries about the conference. The closing date for receiving abstracts is 15 September 2015.

Dates: 10th-11th of December 2015
Venue: Aarhus University

For more information, please contact Maja Hojer Bruun (

TrustLand workshop 2015

The Trustland project convened a four day workshop focusing on LAND issues from January 27- 30. During the first two days researchers presented findings from their extended case studies of various kinds of land conflicts and issues across Northern Uganda. On the third day practioners working with land issues presented their projects, programs and perspectives and researchers and practioners met in groups to discuss how research might be useful for policy and practice. On the last day of the workshop Professor Sara Berry from John Hopkins University and Professor Morris. Ogenga-Latigo gave public lectures in  Gulu University Main Hall.